In association with University of Arkansas Department of Ecological Engineering and McClelland Consulting Engineers

The 43-unit residential project is a demonstration Low Impact Development (LID) sponsored by the USEPA for Habitat for Humanity. LID is an ecological stormwater management approach that sustains a site’s predevelopment hydrologic regime. Planning begins with a Green Neighborhood Transect, leveraging urban and ecological services in the porch, yard, street, and open space. Neighborhoods are developed as sub-watersheds. This development model embeds ecological metrics into planning, land-use policy, and infrastructural design, and solves for the triple bottom line.


2010 AIA Education Honor Award
2010 Residential Architect Design Merit Award
2009 American Architecture Award
2009 Progressive Architecture Award
2009 AIA Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design
2008 ACSA/AIA Housing Award
2008 AR AIA Award
2008 AR APA Award
2008 ASLA Honor Award


Habitat for Humanity of Washington County


US Environmental Protection Agency
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission

AuthorMatthew Petty