In association with Geosyntec Consultants and the Watershed Conservation Resource Center

Serving as the primary trailhead for a new conservation park, the environmental education center is conceived as an exhibit landscape that curates visitors’ passage through unique ecological facilities, landscapes, and architectural structures.  The best parks today embody experience-based design to leverage value within a complex triple bottom line framework that combines economic, environmental, and social benchmarking. The design approach proposed for the trailhead complex shares an emergent outlook with celebrated park developments undertaken by organizations as diverse as cities, museums, and environmental centers—avoid specialization and integrate ecology, art, architecture, and plumbing (how water is moved around) to amplify a connection to place.


2015 American Architecture Award
2015 AIA Florida/Caribbean Honor Award
2013 BSA Unbuilt Architecture Design Award


Central Arkansas Water

AuthorMatthew Petty
Categoriespark plan