Imagine downtown Pine Bluff, the regional neighborhood of choice for mixed-income households seeking the option of an urban lifestyle where they can walk or bike safely to work, school, church, shops, and lakeside recreation . . . and it’s affordable! Where livability and quality of life delivered at a big small-town scale constitute a market and an enduring form of economic development on their own. Re-Live Downtown Pine Bluff is premised on two notions. First, shrinking cities as much as growing cities need design to manage change and coordinate investment, preventing further disorder and erosion of opportunity within their physical environments. Second, downtown revitalization begins with the imperative that residents can live in downtown Pine Bluff once again.


2019 World Architecture News Award in Future Projects—Urban Design Shortlisted


Go Forward Pine Bluff

Re-live Downtown Pine Bluff - A Manual2.jpg
AuthorLinda Komlos