Luminaries co-mingles old and new to project what is arguably the most memorable gesture of welcoming: the unique illumination of space. Luminaries shapes the entire square through light from monumental lanterns, which double as a botanical garden during the day. Luminaries does not participate in the race to the top. Does Dubai really need another ubiquitous tower; and once one reaches the top—so what? Rather, like traditional monuments, Luminaries marks the land through the craftsmanship of figural forms. In this case, familiar masonry profiles used in traditional civic and sacred rooftop elements are translated into fabric and wood construction. Monumental lanterns sit atop an arabesque structural lattice housing a botanical garden below. Luminaries is a true space of hospitality, combining the visual warmth and intimacy of lanterns with the haptic and tactile experience of a public botanical garden. The botanical garden is a green terrestrial refuge during the day, crowned by lanterns housing hanging gardens within.

AuthorLinda Komlos