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low impact neighborhoods:

pettaway pocket neighborhood

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filed under: Landscape/Park, Housing, Urban Planning, Architecture

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As part of a larger revitalization plan for this diverse downtown community, the nine-unit Pettaway Pocket Neighborhood galvanizes urbanization within low density development. A pocket neighborhood is an identifiable cluster of houses around shared outdoor commons and infrastructure─ideal for leveraging quality within an affordable housing setting. The proposal provides niche urban market housing at construction costs of $100,000/unit, excluding site work. The pocket neighborhood capitalizes on smaller home footprints with shared amenities and services like a community lawn, playground, and stormwater management infrastructure. A Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater treatment landscape eliminates use of underground pipes and catch basins, creating a 50% savings in infrastructure costs while solving for chronic flooding problems.




Funding provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts