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transit oriented development:

fayetteville 2030: transit city

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filed under: Landscape/Park, Housing, Urban Planning

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By 2030 Fayetteville, Arkansas is projected to add more than 55,000 people to its population of 73,000, entailing an additional 28,000 housing starts for a city with 32,000 dwelling units. Since close to 50% of Fayetteville’s built environment projected to exist by 2030 has not yet been built, an opportunity exists to plan an even more intelligent future. One future scenario may focus on the connection between public transit and land use. We ask: what if 80% of the future growth (60 million square feet of conditioned space including 23,000 housing units) was incented to locate around a streetcar system proposed for College Avenue, Highway 71B? Planned as a local six-mile fixed guideway system, the streetcar would connect Dickson Street and the University of Arkansas downtown with the uptown Northwest Arkansas Regional Mall along Fayetteville’s primary commercial corridor.




Funding provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts

Fayetteville 2030: Transit City Scenario (not in print)
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