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watershed urbanism:


WARREN, ARKANSAS with University of Arkansas Ecological Engineering Group
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filed under: Landscape/Park, Urban Planning

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Distinguished by their contexts and fluvial profiles, three urban stream reaches are developed to create a new greenway. Reach 1: The City Park Loop redevelops the park as an arboretum to normalize stream temperature. Reach 2: Floodplain Park converts the city maintenance yard to a wet meadow. Reach 3: YMCA Water Walk daylights the piped stream as part of a new “green street”. An extended family of urban conditions is generated from these ecological improvements in the riparian corridor. Floodplains become parks; newly armored riparian edges form public rooms; and mounded stormwater diverters double as pedestrian activity islands in the floodplain. Urbanism can issue from landscape media and their biological processes alongside that of the traditional street-and-block fabric.

Riparian Meadows, Mounds and Rooms (out of print)
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